Volume 14: Unbidden Ocean Mist–Aquamarine Kreuz, Chapter One: Crouching Dragon/Phoenix Chick and Rising Star — Enable and Quadler


Here we are at the start of a new chapter. I never would have guessed we’d be here when I took up this project, and it amazes me just as much as some of you.

To think that just a few years ago we were picking up the shattered pieces of dashed hope for a translated version of HnA that was the DMG Debacle. I think many of us thought that we’d never see anything done after that. But here we are. Against all odds, it did happen. It’s almost like our own little Aria said:

‘You are forbidden from saying the word “impossible”, and if it’s not impossible, then it’s definitely possible.’

Enough of that, though, and I’ll let it go with a simple ‘thank-you’ to you, our readers. On to the chapter…

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Volume 13: Go For The NEXT!!! (w/ Author Notes)

And with this we finish out the third volume of this site’s translation. I’m looking forward to getting started on Volume 14 very soon. I have about a month before I have to start classes again, and I plan to take full advantage of the extra time until then!

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Special thanks

Hello everyone, (Not a chapter this time ;P )

We here at Silvered Tongue, just want to make a shout out to all of you guys for following us and be so grateful for our work. We know that we are not one of the fastest teams around to translate Japanese stories, BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t love what we are doing and hoping you do as well.

We have some guys we really want to say thank you to, these guys have put in some real work to help us out. With both spelling and general composition of our translating, these guys are doing gods work with all they have done. I am talking about GhostDragon, Blissfulyoshi , Amit34521 and HaRan. You guys have helped put in many ways and we just want to say thank you! For all the image cleaning, scanning, proofreading, making epubs, and general good ideas.

Once again everyone, THANK YOU!

feel the cringe

Frozzendeth and BakaKaba

Volume 13: Kowloon Counter-Attack–Kowloon Reverse, Chapter Four: Kowloon Monkey King– Kowloon Monk and Five: Leaping Hong Kong–Dance Outrage

Look, look! A release only a month after the last one! It’s a miracle!

Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. Regardless, we are excited to finish out the main chapters and hope to move on to another volume. Who knows, maybe we’ll catch up fast enough to have half the series done! We shall see…

And so, without further ado, we present chapters 4 and 5.

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Get Involved!

Greeting all! BakaKaba here with a short announcment:

As some of you may (or may not) be aware, we have a Discord chat server set up for all things HnA related (and a whole bunch of other things too!) Besides just generally messing around, occasionally we put up *Spoilers* for new chapters, speculate on future developments, talk about untranslated volumes, discuss general chapter release time-frames, complain about work and school, and ask for opinions and input from the fan community from time to time.

I usually don’t mention it a lot–and I probably won’t do so again on the blog–but I wanted to give everyone who hasn’t heard, the opportunity to participate in a Discord-exclusive poll we have running until the end of the weekend concerning the release of Chapters 4 and 5.

I find the chat platform is just more convenient for rapid and targeted conversational exchange between fans and the translation team, so when I have a question or need some kind of feedback from fans, Discord is my communication medium of choice. It’s flexible, and there’s always room for new topics and faces. So if you want a better insight into how the site and translation process works (or want to hear about the occasional messed-up shenanigans going on in our lives), check us out!

Just wanted to leave a short plug here, and let people know about the opportunity.

Hope to see you there!

–That Stupid Hippo, BakaKaba

Volume 13: Kowloon Counter-Attack–Kowloon Reverse, Chapter Three: Kou and Son– Double Cast

Greeting all! We are so glad to be bringing you the third chapter of volume 13 (finally!).

Special thanks to Dubious for stepping up and helping to get this chapter edited and proofed.

I am also pleased to report that Chapter 4 is also completely translated, and while it is only half the length of Chapter 3, the fact should speed its release (hopefully….), so keep an eye out!

I’m hoping to have a more regular TL’ing schedule from now on since I have a stint of work to break up my university studies, but we’ll have to see how it works out.

And so without more commentary, here is Chapter 3!

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Farewell from JiaLat

To Bakakaba and Frozzen, I’m really, truly sorry for posting this without informing you first. I know it’s rude. But I’ve been putting this off for way too long.


Anyway. I’ve been afk for the last half a year or so, but if you want to know why I’m quitting…there were two reasons I started translating. One was because I liked the series, and the other was to practice my Chinese reading skills and improve my horrendous grades. Unfortunately, the Chinese exams are over for good, and while I still gave some interest in Hidan no Aria, 2018 is the big exam year for me. Y’know, the one that decides whether or not I get into university.


In short, I have (almost) zero time and not much motivation.


Though, I do have something prepared – a parting gift of sorts. Valentine’s Day is coming up, right? Here’s a sneak peek of Volume 17 for you all:


「Today is Valentine’s day, so I’m giving you these chocolate peach buns. I definitely didn’t stay up late making them. Nor did I lose sleep because of that or anything.」

I didn’t even ask, but Aria went ahead and self-destructed like that…..

She probably doesn’t know because she’s a transfer student, but this behaviour was actually against the school rules of Butei High.

「……You made this?」

「……Why are you making such a troubled face?」

「Ah, no, I’m not troubled at all. Thanks, I’m really glad.」

「Un, an honest Kinji is a good Kinji.」

Smiling, Aria raised her head and looked at me……

Who knew I would actually receive chocolate from Aria. It’s really too unexpected.

But, this was a matter of life and death. After all, Aria’s cooking skills are horrible-

「Go on, eat it.」


「Why are you making a face like you’re about to die? If you’re not going to eat it, then I will.」

-I couldn’t let my partner’s life be in danger. So……using the technique for disarming bombs, I cautiously opened the bag.

These are, chocolate peach buns……!

It was lump of dough with a deep brown colour from adding chocolate, which could be called peach bun-shaped if you inspected it closely-

With trembling hands, I put one into my mouth……the outside was sticky, and the inside was grainy……I could see that the bun’s filling also had chocolate inside.

This was made of chocolate, right? Because I could taste aluminium foil that was probably added in by accident during the cooking process.

-It tasted awful!

「Is it good?」

「It’s……it’s alright.」

I tried to act sincere and gave a vague answer, but it looked like that wouldn’t satisfy Aria-

Still smiling, she -whoosh- grabbed hold of my jaw.

「Is it good? By the way, my grip is strong enough to crush a billiards ball you know?」

「It’s good! I suddenly feel that it’s good!」

「Then why do you look like you’re about to cry?」

「Because I’ve never eaten something so delicious before, I couldn’t help but feel grief at my past self…..ah……!」


Probably satisfied with my desperate answer, Aria spared my jaw – and even made a coy expression.

Afterwards, while thinking 『eating this much aluminium foil can’t be that bad, right?』 I finished the chocolate peach buns……

「Good. I thought you would decline it since it was against the rules. But Kinji still accepted it.」

……So you actually knew? That Valentine’s Day affairs were prohibited in Butei High.


I do have more of these lying around, but they’re really spoiler-ish and in heavy need of editing. I’ll send those to Bakakaba eventually… Who knows, maybe by then I’ll have had a change of heart and come back to translating. But if I ever do, it’ll be this December, earliest.


Honestly, I’ve been inactive for so long that my disappearance won’t really impact the rate of release. But I felt that I had to at least announce it. From now on, I’ll just be ghosting about the site like usual.


Thanks to all the readers who stuck through the years, and thanks to Bakakaba and Frozzen for just being really nice in general. Hopefully, I’ll be back next year.